Zynga Launches CityVille in China with Tencent

July 26, 2011

Tencent is partnering with Zynga, the largest developer of games on Facebook Inc.’s site, and launching a Chinese version of CityVille. The game will first launch in beta on Tencent’s Pengyou platform, and will later launch on its main QZone platform. It will be developed by Zynga’s Beijing-based Zynga China studio, featuring elements inspired by China’s pop and traditional culture. The new game is part of Zynga’s strategy to build a “truly localized offering,” the company said in a statement.

As mobile platform has become very important in global game industry now, GameLook has asked Tencent and Zynga whether they have any specific cooperation plan on mobile social  games. The two companies did not answer it directly but we believe they do. The biggest question is what the share proportion of game income might be. GameLook makes a guess at fifty fifty, as most Chinese social game companies get less than 50% while Tencent has a larger appetite.

This is the first time for Tencent to bring foreign social game companies to its social network, indicating Tencent’s opening up to the world. GameLook has heard many foreign game companies are negotiating with Tencent and Zynga is the most prominent and important one. Many of them are seeking overseas agency for their games, which come from Facebook, South Korea, Japan and etc. Now the situation for Chinese social game companies is becoming very complicated for they are competing directly with foreign game giants.

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