Yuzhu Shi: 400,000 players = 10 years

July 18, 2011

Giant’s ZT Online recently had reached 1.26 million peak concurrent users (“PCU”). ZT Online is the first game designed entirely by Giant’s internal product development team. Launched in January 2006, ZT Online, or “Zheng Tu” in Chinese, is a 2D massively multiplayer online role playing game (“MMORPG”) with an ancient Chinese martial arts theme. Yuzhu Shi, the founder of Giant, said:“In China, a MMORPG game with 400,000 players can survive 10 years as long as game contents have nothing to do with teenagers. ”

ZT Online has been made very interesting for Chinese players and they can enjoy the game in diversified ways, such as automatic monster-fighting, automatic routing systems and payment for players, which is very different from South Korea and western games.

I believe that ZT Online’s success is due to Chinese players’ pursuit of efficiency. The highly efficient game play is very popular in China. In order to get the credit in this kind of games, players are willing to pay a large amount of money. Have you ever heard a player spending $100,000 on a game in one day? Well, it does exist in China and yes, it is ZT Online.

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