Ubisoft: Football City Stars Enters Closed Beta Today

July 20 , 2011

It’s been really long to hear about any trends from Ubisoft Shanghai and its Football City Stars, I even remember I’ve reported this game few months ago and unable to find the link. Anyway, the game is announced today for the closed beta. In order to give more gameplays, the game is introduced to the popular RPG contents as well.

This back street soccer game even brings classes with FM, CM and CB, six attributes (strength, speed, shooting, passing, dribbling and gate keeping), 16 class skills, and 36 points of class talent trees, what a complex soccer game! And the game is even geared up with SNS contents, for each map, there are homes, bars, clubs, schools and gyms.

In competitions, the game offers a fully-free-customized control style, and an at-most 4v4 match.(VIA:178)

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