Twitter Now Hits 100 Million Users

During a “state of the union” meeting at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, CEO Dick Costolo revealed, for the first time ever, that the service currently has 100 million active users, and receives 400 million pageviews per month, up from about 250 million in January of this year.

Costolo said the firm will remain independent and increase its revenue through advertising.

"We want to be able to remain independent, grow the business the way we want to, and not be beholden to public markets until we feel like we want to be," he said, according to Reuters.

Costolo also revealed that Twitter’s plans to increase advertising on the service were going well and are likely to continue to do so. "We now feel that based on the engagement rates we’re seeing … that we’re ready to expand this further," he added, suggesting that users could be exposed to ads from companies that they do not follow.


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