TOC2011: platform of Tencent is attractive

Zynga China CEO Andy Tian

Zynga was very small when Zynga joined in Facebook platform in 2007. Four years later, we see Tencent is Opening up.

As Tencent said, the opening up of users resources is just first step. Most developers need support and Tencent will offer help to them.

I think the platform of Tencent is attractive. The platform of Tencent differs from Facebook.Facebook mainly offer users resources , but nothing else.Facebook will not offer help and support to developers .As for Tencent ,it not only have opening up platform but aslo will build a ecological environment, ecological chain to support developers .The Market Positioning between Tencent and Facebook is different.

Zynga’s CityVille reached 100 million active users in 45 days. The second game of Zynga in this year is Empires & Allies and it was launched in last week. Just 10 days, it reached 9 million active users. The social game in 2011 is no longer small game any more.Now, no longer need more resources investment.

Social game is not just game; it has become a media with maximum quantity of Internet users. In America, the players spend more time to playing social games than watching TV.

The combination of virtual items and game is trend. Zynga was cooperated with convenience store. You can buy an ice-cream to get a code .With the code you can exchange a cow of Zynga’s game.
The result is that all the ice-cream was sold out in a short time .It’s a big hit!

Social game is the best mobile game. Because you can experience a game in a short time. Social game is real cross-platform.

China has huge MMO online game players and a lot of players will choose social game in the future. In China it has 250 million users playing social game now. The target of next year is one in three people playing social game. We can achieve this goal with the opening up of Tencent.

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