Tiancity Launches OBT for Mabinogi Heroes

July 15 , 2011

Tiancity kicked off the OBT of Vindictus (also known as “Mabinogi Heroes” in Asia) on July 14, eight server groups were opened as of July 15, and the game was searched for 138,000 times on baidu.com that day. Most promoted among the new games of July, Vindictus features a non-targeting game mode and 3D graphics, and enables players to level up by means of instances. The “Cloth Ripping System” is just the game’s greatest highlight, and means that clothes may be ripped during combat. Boasting adults-only content, Vindictus was modified to fit in with the Chinese game market.

After being tested for three months, Vindictus was released officially. Developed by Nexon’s Devcat Studio with the aid of the Source engine, the game won the “Grand Prize” at the Korea Game Awards 2010 and was the best Korean game in 2010. So far, Nexon has proceeded to the development of Mabinogi 2.

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