The9 To Be Operator of PlanetSide 2 in China

The9 together with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced to exclusively operate the 3D MMOFPS (massively-multiplayer online first-person- shooter) game PlanetSide 2 in China.

As Tony Park, vice president of The9, said on his Micro-blog(Chinese twitter) that SOE’s developer team had decided to title the game PlanetSide 2 as the working title PlanetSide Next was not a suitable name any longer. Besides, he revealed that PlanetSide 2 is coming very soon and a lot of PlanetSide’s heart and soul is going to be carried over into the new game – which is good news for veterans of the MMOFPS.

PlanetSide once entered Chinese market in 2004, and formally began to operate in April 2005. However, the game has to close severs on August 2006 because of some reasons.

Earlier this year, Tencent, Shanda Games, Changyou, Thunder and Kingsoft all announced the launch of FPS online games. The competition is very fierce.

PlanetSide 2 website:

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