Tencent’s League of Legends Enters Open Beta Today

Finally, we’ve got our chances of free-gank in Tencent’s League of Legends today, which is announced to open beta today with on activated code, no limitations at all. Official additionally offers two more new servers for the open beta to absorb more dota lovers in China who “hate” to obtain any code-only mmos previously.

During the last closed beta, which used to be issued in May, 25th, there were some unstable conditions of servers but dealt with official quickly and nicely, as a result. It seems that Tencent has collected enough confidences for opening arms to welcome more fans “physically” (for hardware capacities)and “mentally”(for idea of operations). The two-month closed beta has told us there have always been tanks, healers and most imortantly, the team spirit even in a dota-like e-sport game, ont only in mmos.(VIA:178)

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