Tencent will held Opening Up Conference in June 15

China Internet magnate Tencent will held “Opening up conference” in June 15. Open platform has become a popular word in China .Every Internet company who have hugh users are putting up open platform strategy.

The dispute between 360.cn and Tencent shocked China Internet industry last year .The funny thing is , 360.cn and Tencent will continue struggle with each other in this year. 360.cn in advance of Tencent hold Open up platform conference at Beijing in May 31.

Whether 360.cn or Tencent, open platform directly affects game indusrty. For now , the considerable profits of 360.cn come from webgame. As for Tencent ,the income of the game in Q1 is up to 3.5 billion CNY ,the 56% of total revenues. Tencent may become the first company that can earn $1 billion in each quarter.Game business has great impact on income of Tencent.

Tencent will entering into the next investment cycle and it will look for new investee .Tencent has spend $200 million in investment in May.

For now, the social network Pengyou.com have 101.4 million active user and QQ have 674 million active users.The opening up of Tencent means the China biggest social network openg up to developers.This is a huge oppotunity to foreign developers too. May be Tencent is the only one of social networks who can compete with Facebook.

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