Tencent: TGA e-Sports League to become internationalized

July 18, 2011

On July 16’s TGA (Tencent Game Arena), Tencent’s game marketing director/ TGA project manager Miao Hou and Tencent’s vice president of games Wu Cheng talked about TGA e-Sports League’s plan of internationalization, including team-management, contest between domestic and foreign players, cooperation with Internet cafes, etc.

While asked whether all the games of TGA (like LOL, CF and DNF) would become internationalized, Cheng said Yes but it would take time, and Hou agreed with him.

Hou also said that there was once a DNF tournament among China, South Korea and Japan. This year’s TGA holds the fourth of R2Beat (QQR2) tournament between China and South Korea; another game – AVA – also has South Korea players and the tournament between China and South Korea is coming soon. Foreign player joining the Chinese team in traditional sports games like volleyball game is being discussed.

In addition to bringing in foreign games and players, Tencent also want to go out. It will output part of its best TGA players into the WCG competition. CF is the best example, which has become one of WCG’s regular games. TGA should not only be the final competition of various games, but also a regular game league system. Of course, Tencent has to be large enough to choose players to participate in the world class competitions.

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