Tencent League of Legends enter into TOP20 rank of China netbar MMOG

Tencent began League of Legends OB test on May 25 in china .LOL had jumped into rank top20 of china netbar mmog after three weeks.Netbar’s rank is more correctly show MMO’s truely status,to the contrary,media chart always means cheat and PR in china.There are 1/3 game players used play online game at netbar in china now.

TOP20 rank of  netbar online games  in china(June 11)

Teccent acquired Riot Games for $400 million in order to get League of Legends and Riot’s team.It seem so stupid because LOL just Riot Games’s first MMOG.Nothing could be promised Riot Games would be the last winner of Dota-type MMOG. At the same time, Blizzard and Valve are developing Dota-type MMOG now.

But we must recognize LOL catched the best opportunity into online game market,and Riot Games is the best object of independent studio which could be acquired at that time.Even Blizzard and Valve couldn’t give 100% game’s income to anybody.Tencent want 100% because it have enough users to creat million-users-level online game ,it always means $ 10 million monthly income I think  LOL is Tencent’s big wager.

There are some Dota-type online games existed in china for years,LOL isn’t the Dota-type market’s creater,it act the copier of Dota not a good nickname.But online game have more potential for chinese game market.

It jumped into Top20 ranking of netbar show its power.And now ,LOL have some problem that many players complain dropping-line,LOL’s servers aren’t stabilize.China is a big country it have complex network environment means difficultly for Riot Games.

LOL netbar’s chart is raising

LOL is continuing raising up now , a exist big opponent is MengSanGuo which seat 8th in this rank.MengSanGuo also is a Dota-type online game.it combine famous history of the Three Kingdoms, you can understand that game’s hero is the hero of the Three Kingdoms,the game have good localized,it developed by m3guo.com which is a Hangzhou-based game company.The only question is how many time will LOL spent to instand of MengSanGuo which could be a milestone.

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