Tencent launched LBS smartphone social mobile game QQTown

In recent,LBS iPhone social mobile game QQTown was launched in Apple Appstore and a android version aslo showed up.The game was developed by Tecent .The game is free but Props charges.

When Chinese developers heared this news from GameLook,most of the feel concern .It is hard for Chinese developers challenging Tencent’s games.

The QQTown is a City-building game.The player need to building and expanding their virtual city.Except some traditional game modes ,the player can hire friend,exchange presents and open treasure box in this game.

A main feature of this game is the game map .The game map is real.The game is connected with QQ Mircoblog.Whatever a player have done in this game ,tne message will be send in QQ Mircoblog.

Download address of QQTown : qqtown.qq.com

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