Tencent held a global mobile game competition: Total bonus is 1 million CNY.

According to the report, developers of mobile game, HTML5 and Flash game all have the right to signing up for this competition .Entries include iPhone game, ipad game, Android game, HTML5 game and Flash game.

The bonuses for Best game are 100,000 CNY ($15,430), the Best Creation Prize and Best Art Prize is 80,000 CNY ($12,344). Total winning number is 20 and the total bonus is 1 million CNY. The submission time of your works is 2011.6.1-2011.11.30. The final result will be announced at the end of December.

The winners and excellent developers can join The Support programs of Mobile Game which is created by Tencent Company and you can gain huge venture funds.

The funny thing is, all the developers in this world have a chance to win this competition, but the Tencent only provide Chinese web page.

You can send your works to 88881603@qq.com . If you have other questions, you can send the email to Tencent directly.

The official registration address (Chinese Language): http://dev.g.qq.com/

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