Survey: 90 Percent of Companies Hacked in Past Year


According to a recent survey carried out by Ponemon Research on behalf of Juniper Networks, 90% companies’ computers have been attacked at least once over the past 12 months.

The survey, conducted on 583 U.S companies, ranging from small organizations with less than 500 staffs to enterprises with more than 75,000 workforces, suggests that a increasing number of enterprises are losing the battle to keep hackers out of their networks.

Nearly 60% reported two or more breaches over the past year. More than 50% said they had little confidence of being able to fend off further attacks over the next 12 months.

"We expected a majority to say they had experienced a breach," said Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing at Juniper. "But to have 90% saying they had experienced at least one breach, and more than 50% saying they had experienced two or more, is mind-blowing."


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