Sohu: No Merger but Internal Incubation

July 15, 2011

SOHU’s chairman and CEO Charles Zhang said no mergers but internal incubation will be conducted in the plan of “Re-launching Sohu”.

Recently, Tencent, Baidu and many other IT companies have announced investment in Internet media, which is viewed as a new round of mergers and acquisitions after Chinese Internet industry’s ten years’ positive development. Sohu has also invested $10 million in the Thunder. Does this mean that Sohu is following the suite?

However, Zhang has said that it is only a financial investment and has nothing to do with merger. Sohu will focus on internal incubation.

Zhang said that Sohu’s game team has split into Changyou, Sogou search and Sohu video. Other teams will also be set up soon and enter into various business sectors; “Sohu system” will be one of the strongest IT companies.

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