Social Network KaiXin traffic fell 65% in the past 18 month

August 3, 2011

According to statistics from Alexa, KaiXin’s traffic has fallen 65% in the past 18 months ; its Baidu search volume has decreased to 100,000 a day from a peak of 800,000, which shows a falling attention index from Medias. KaiXin is not only losing users but also attention of the whole Internet industry. Sina Weibo and Tencent are the dominant giants while KaiXin and Renren have lost people’s favor.

Only until May 2010 did KaiXin start third-party applications access and 14 applications went online; it became open in January and now has only 213 applications, which is far below Tencent’s “80,000 developers and over 400,000 applications”. KaiXin may lose its IPO opportunity this time, while its major opponent Renren’s share value keeps falling and the price is lower than the issue price.

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