Shanda invested tens of millions of RMB in Android appstore

Mobile Internet is becoming core of the startup and investment. According to sources,Shanda Interactive Entertainment have invested tens of millions of RMB in market value of Goapk has reached Rmb 100 million ,which means Shanda is actively competing for Android market now.

Goapk is not a simple mobile community and it was mainly focused on Android field, it have a Android appstore 、BBS、develops community and media .  Goapk was established in February, 2010 .According to the report, the android application is more than 100 million downloads until March of 2011 and a day have 1 million downloads.

The team of Goapk is mainly from NetDragon’s (a mobile community, which announced has cooperated with Japanese social network DeNA in April) and

A new service of Goapk is ROM Customized .The users can customize its own Android OS ,such as UI、font、software、start-up screen etc.

Goapk’s Android appstore have many competitors in China ,include、yingyonghui.Com and

From GameLook’s statistics, we can know there are more than 20 Android appstore in China, but only a few of them are success.

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