Rumor: Tencent will invest in Kingsoft Network

According to the sources,Tencent  make a decision to invest in Kingsoft Network , the long-term depth cooperation  will be carry out in two companies. The details about this cooperation will be released in recent days.

First quarter of this year,Kingsoft achieve revenue of  231 million Yuan and game business accounted for 71% of  revenue.

Last year, a conflict between Tencent and is on network security field. This conflict caused highly concern of whole Internet industry. The government settled the dispute at last. Since then,the Tencent no longer get deep into network security field, and choosing to work with Kingsoft .Tencent highly recommend the network security products of Kingsoft.In my personal point of view,Tencent is just changed a way to against

Statistics show that the Kingsoft Network has three big shareholders, including: Kingsoft, Fax and Matrix Partners. The Kingsoft hold 72.22% of company shares, the Fax hold 20% of company shares and Matrix Partners hold 7.78% of company shares.

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