Rumor: Kingsoft Dissolves Lianjin Studio

July 12 , 2011

It’s rumored that Kingsoft has recently dissolved its Lianjin Studio, and that the studio’s art designers and many other staff have been dismissed. According to understanding, after taking up the post of board chairman of Kingsoft formally, Lei Jun will restructure the companies where Kingsoft once invested, including Lianjin Studio.

In 2008, Kingsoft purchased a 40% stake in Lianjin Studio with RMB 10 million for developing an action MMO, and assigned Wang Xiaodong as the studio’s general manager. Some insiders said that the development of this action MMO had made unsatisfactory achievements over the past three years, and that some technical problems were also not settled, which just caused Kingsoft to give up.

Last November, Kingsoft dissolved Lijian Studio that targeted at webgame development.

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