Perfect World opens new overseas strategic layout

July 27, 2011

The annual ChinaJoy will start soon and Perfect World is undoubtedly one of the most notable star enterprises. Perfect World will take this opportunity to lead Chinese game companies to the overseas market.

Most of Chinese game companies only stayed in the primary level of authorizing their games to foreign companies, some of them even did not have their original games. This is not good for Chinese companies increasing their influence and wealth in overseas market. Perfect World, however, has branch offices and its original games in many foreign countries, which shows Chinese companies can also do quite well in overseas market.

In recent years, Chinese game companies’ globalization speed is beyond imagination. In 2010, 34 Chinese game companies entered more than 40 countries/regions with 82 online games, and the total revenue reached $230 million, up 111% comparing to 2009. Perfect World alone had a total of 10 games entering more than 100 countries/regions in the first half of 2011, reaching 40% of China’s total overseas game income.
Industry insiders pointed out that China’s online companies should not only seek economic development but also culture output in the overseas market. Perfect World also hopes to call for more game companies take an active role in the global market and increase China’s national influence through ChinaJoy, which is our biggest social responsibility.

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