OurGame to focus on board games, to enter web games industry

August 2, 2011

OurGame released its two year plan on July 30. The company will focus on developing board games and will enter web games industry. Ourgame’s CEO Guoliang Woo and co-CEO Qin Yang attended the strategy conference.

After the exchange of shares at the beginning of this year, Ourgame has rarely appeared in public. Since Beijing Wade WoFu Investment Co., Ltd. formally acquired all the shares of OurGame held by Haihong Holdings NHN Korea, Guoliang Woo has become the CEO and Qin Yang has become the co-CEO of OurGame.

Yang said thanks to the acquisition, OurGame now has come back to a rapid development track. OurGame has decided to focus on its core leisure and business board games and to shake off other businesses. OurGame is also deepening its relationship with Internet portals, esp. social network platforms, hoping to expand its web game and mobile game businesses.

Yang said the OurGame is a completely new born now and they will cooperate with their partners to provide more good games to the players.

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