MocaWorld CEO Discloses Tencent Occupies 85% of the Wireless Internet Market

Recently, MocaWorld’s CEO, Xiaofei Song, shared his opinions on the mobile Internet and mobile games at a mobile game salon. The following is the summary of his views:

About the Market

1. The Chinese wireless market has been carved up and four companies occupy an over 95% market share.
2. The four companies are Tencent(85%), UCweb, Sina Mircoblog and Sky.
3. The smartphone market share is less than 6%.

About Users
Most Chinese users make use of GPRS with an unstable 2.5G network and the development of the 3G network is uncertain.
Japan has a super-advanced 3G network, so WAP and Flash mobile social games are very popular.

Mobile Games
Many game companies have given up developing downloadable games, instead, they come to produce mobile games.
Light mobile online games aim to help users kill broken time.
ARPU is between RMB 20-50

MocaWorld’s WAP mobile game “Story of Promotion” already has 12 million registered users since it was released 5 months ago and its PCU reaches 80,000.
MocaWorld will develop WAP, Flash and HTML 5 games in the future.

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