Microsoft hires Jay Victor for consumer crusade

Microsoft appointed Victor as its own director of brand strategy, working in Microsoft’s Central Marketing Group (CMG). There are no comments from Microsoft about Victor’s role, not even from Victor himself. However we could at least find something from Microsoft’s recruitment ad on LinkedIn.

The posting said the one “has accountability for brand stewardship on primary brand(s)." So we guessing Victor’s initial focus will be Office, Windows, Bing, and Xbox. It also means one of Victor’s first jobs will be introducing Windows 8, which mat release on April 2012 together with x86.

According to Microsoft’s ad, Victor must develop and deliver brand strategy, which includes working on product names, messages, visual identities, marketing programs, and packaging, with all this integrated across advertising, PR, events, and retail. In another words, he may need to deal with most of everything, as branding, advertising, public relations, research, events, packaging, marketing, and internal communications.

Since 2008, Apple and Google has been the biggest competitor to Microsoft. And this year, Apple bumped Google aside to become "world’s most valuable brand". Microsoft has been throwing to the place of fifth, even behind IBM and McDonald’s. It just really time for it change the brand strategy to make Microsoft more “cooler” to follow user’s love.


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