Liqing Zeng, the first majority shareholder of Taomee,was being taken away to assist in the investigation

July 5 .2011 / Today, all the Chinese media reported that Liqing Zeng, the  first majority shareholder of Taomee, was being taken away to assist in the investigation. The media speculation that Mr.Zeng was being taken away is caused by the corruption case of China Mobile. Previously,the president of  Kong net. Leilei Wang has also been questioned about corruption case of China Mobile.Taomee didn’t denied this news. Mr.Zeng’s blog hasn’t been updated for ten days. It is said that Mr.Zeng is the second investor who has been questioned.

Mr.Zeng is the one of five founder of Tencent. Mr. Zeng served as COO of Tencent from 1999 to 2007.

That may mean that the wireless business of Tencent may involves in this case, the  income of IVP  was reached 1.81 billion Yuan,22.4% of  total revenue in 2010.A lot of Internet industry founder are involve in the corruption case of China Mobile.

In recent two years, many executives of China Mobile have been arrested.

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