L.A. Noire Coming to PC November 11

Game publisher Rockstar Games today announced that the Team Bondi-developed award-winning adventure game L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition will be released for PC on November 8 in North America, and it will land in Europe on November 11. The PC edition of L.A. Noire packs in a code to grab all previously released downloadable content from the console versions.

The game takes place in 1947 Los Angeles, a city of glamour, fame, and wealth, but also where crime, vice, and corruption are rife. The player assumes the role of LAPD Police Officer and later Detective Cole Phelps. The game starts with Phelps as a uniformed patrolman, and follows his career as he advances through the police department bureaus of Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson. Instead of missions or levels, each new desk gives the player a new partner who will help Phelps in his investigations. After each case, Phelps will receive a rate of 1-5 stars depending on how he does on both interrogations and searching for clues. In some cases, you will find newspapers. Besides reading the story, the newspapers show short cinematics telling what the story is about.

The game blends investigative elements such as mystery and crime solving, with fast-paced action sequences, including on-foot and car chases, hand-to-hand combat, interrogations and gunfights. In addition to the storyline missions, the player can work on optional side-investigations following a call from dispatch, known as Street Crimes. The player can travel on foot, as well as in various cars that are unlocked as Phelps progresses through the police departments. The player also has a total of ten detective suits available; an initial six, plus another four downloadable ones. The suits are equipped with special abilities, such as increased damage protection and increased aim when firing a gun.

If the player is having trouble completing the action sequences, after three failed attempts, they will have the option to skip past and continue through the narrative.

Unlike Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, the player cannot freely create chaos and kill civilians with weapons and cars, as the character is a police detective, but players are allowed to commandeer civilian cars. Weapons are only allowed in appropriate circumstances and only when a player is working on a case where a weapon is warranted. The game features a free roam mode called "The Streets of L.A.", which is unlocked after you complete a quest. In this mode, you can solve street crimes, search for gold film reels and badges or just drive around the city.


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