Kylin Game to release mobile MMORPG Genghis Khan

July 25, 2011

Kylin Game has set up its mobile gaming company in early 2010 and Hao Liang as its CEO. The company is going to release a mobile real time MMORPG, Genghis Khan, which supports Android.

Kylin Game’s CEO Jin Shang has said that Genghis Khan would be their first mobile game and The Water Margin (mobile version) would come after. Kylin Game plans to launch three client online games this year, respectively Shu Jian En Chou Lu, Xue Shan Fei Hu and The Water Margin.

Many companies have claimed to release mobile version of their online games this year. Shanda Games has announced a 3A strategy; Giant has launched an iOS version of its Golden Land. It is a trend that large client games are having their mobile brothers.

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