KingSoft to launch The Legend of Swordman’s TV play tonight

July 21, 2011

The Legend of Swordman’s TV play, produced by KingSoft’s Xishan studio and Hairun Media, will be on show tonight. Bojun Qiu, KingSoft’s CEO, said the ¥40 million TV play is a goal they have dreamed of for years.

According to the statistics of the Entgroup, the movie industry in China is growing quickly, which is why gaming companies also want to make movies; the other reason is that though gaming business brings a lot of income, it is still hardly accepted by the mainstream. Combining games and movies together will make them easier to be accepted.

In China, few online games had anything to do with movies or TV plays. But in this year, Netease’s Ghost has succeeded with the launching of A Chinese Fairy Tale (movie); Perfect World will launch a new film this month; and the movie Saier invested by Taomee will be released on July 28.

Shanda has already made Legend of Immortals into a movie and Tencent is catching up.

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