Kingdom Under Fire II to March into China

July 15 , 2011

Korea-based Blueside, developer of Kingdom Under Fire II, has recently said to Chinese media that they pay much attention to the Chinese market and value Chinese players’ opinions very much. Blueside added that they’re now negotiating with some Chinese game companies on Kingdom Under Fire II’s operation in Mainland China, and confirmed that the game would land in China.

There are currently two games related to Kingdom Under Fire, which will be released almost at the same time. Specifically, Kingdom Under Fire II, whose publisher in South Korea is NHN, will be officially released in 2012, and will be brought to not only PCs but also Xbox; Kingdom Under Fire Online, an AOS (similar to Dota) game by Dragonfly, has been tested in South Korea. Both games are very featured. Now, enjoy the following video related to Kingdom Under Fire II!

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