Kabam will release social game and mobile game in China this year

Li Weining is Director of kabam Asia, he told us , Kabam will enter the Chinese market this year, The negotiations will be completed with RenRen, Kaixin001 and Tencent in the near future, he is satisfied with their cooperation. Kabam will release social games in china at Q3 or Q4 of this year. They will launch mobile games in China also.

Kabam opened its Beijing office last year. and they will acquire medium-sized development teams in china. Beijing team is developing social games and mobile games. The team currently has 80 employees , they will grow to 200 people at the end of year.

Kabam announced  raises  D round of $ 85 million last month, there will be a large proportion of investment in the Asia Pacific.In particular, will attach importance to three countries: China, Japan and South Korea.

I think kabam established a local team in China is a wise decision. Whether Zynga or EA Playfish has established a Chinese team. This will help them to develop more suitable game for Chinese players. China social game market is opening to the world. This is a great opportunities outside of facebook.

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