JoyPort released its first hardcore strategy socialgame Infinite Realms

Joyport is a major browser-based MMO game (always called webgame) company in china. Headquartered in Hangzhou with branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing.It’s be famous by strategy webgame called Kingory , Kingory was the most popularly webgame of china in 2008-2009 ,it had generated nearly $30 million in 2009.Kingory is the begining of chinese webgame market.

Social game which released at or always means “lowly income and lowly ARPU” compare with hardcore MMORPG in china.It is so funny beacuse these games could’t bring creditable income but they have so many players which never pay.However , it is tragedy that developer only remain 40%-50% income after platform extract,or only remain 10%-20% income if your game releaed at Tencent Qzone before.Many chinese social game companies have to go oversea.They can get 70% income on facebook in theory,and it is important that income is USD.

Joyport is not a purely social game company beacause their games most like download online-game which have highly income and highly ARPU and always not running on social networks.Joyport bought socialgame company called GameTree Inc last year.

It actively publish their games on facebook and also develope new social game for social network now.Infinite Realms is its first hardcore strategy social game aim duplicate Kingory’s succeed .

Joyport CEO Tony Cheng told us that Infinite Realms Specifically develope for facebook spend one year,the game use for reference Kingory.

I think Joyport had enough skills to develope highly-ARPU social game just like Kingory,Infinite Realms will test their careerism.

about Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms is the next-gen strategy game on Facebook set in a science-fiction background. It redefines the experience strategy games are played. Players explore the universe and travel through galaxies on the mission of expanding their realms and protecting the Confederation.

Infinite Realms sets the example of new generation strategy games by its stunning graphics, exciting upbeat music, real-time interaction and many others aspects of the game. Interaction between players is elevated to a new level.

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