Interview:EA GM Peter about Battlefield online

Changyou held a game conference for its acquired online FPS title Battlefield Online on June 21, which is developed by EA and Neowiz. High officials from Changyou EA and Neowiz were allattending to the conference with over 50 meida invited.We interviewed Peter Tseng ( general manager of EA China),  he answered questions about the concept of Battlefield online in China.

Q:Currently most successful Chinese FPS online games focus on “Player Vs Player”. There are very few game contents about “Player Vs Vehicle” or “Vehicle Vs Player”. Do you think Battlefield OL will succeed in China?

Peter Tseng:Since 2002, Battlefield series has already successfully released nine games. They are popular and well-recognized by many players around the world, including a lot of Chinese players.

The vehicle war is one of Battlefield series’ features, which our game will keep. We hope to provide players with more interesting gameplays. But of course, we’ve also made maps for gunfights only, so in Battlefield OL, players can not only play the common “Player Vs Player” mode, but also experience the all-day-round and large scale vehicle war with navy, army and air force cooperation.

We want to satisfy current FPS online game users as well as provide a new and prospective gameplay for Chinese gamer. Please wait and see how it comes out.

Q:What’s the essence of Battlefield series? Do you think Battlefield OL passes on these essences? Where exactly can you find them?

Peter Tseng:

There are three essences of Battlefield series as a package game:
1 Recreate a real and full battlefield environment
2 Control all kinds of vehicles to combat on land, on water and in air
3 Support up to 64 players on the same battlefield

Battlefield OL keeps most essences in the package game and put more localized contents:

1 Larger: Battlefield OL supports up to one hundred players on the same battlefield
2 More contents: Besides the classical conquer mode and squad leader mode in Battlefield series; Battlefield OL also creates team death match mode, capture mode PVE and walking dead mode PVE to meet different players’ needs.
3 More friendly: Battlefield OL has been through a lot of modification and optimization based on Chinese FPS players’ requirements and habits. We hope to bring a larger and friendlier Battlefield OL with more game contents to both new and old Chinese Battlefield series players.

Q:What kind of items will Battlefield OL sell? Or will it be time-based?

Peter Tseng:Battlefield OL is planning to go for MTX. The exact charge plan will be released as soon as it’s settled.

Q:There are many good game publishers in China. Why does EA choose to work with Sohu Changyou to introduce Battlefield OL to mainland China?

Peter Tseng:We value Battlefield OL a lot and we hope to give our product to the most appropriate operator. Sohu Changyou is a leading game company in the industry. It is very good in both developing and operation.

We invited a lot of game publishers to observe the product when we first decided to introduce Battlefield OL to China.

Among all the good publishers, Changyou President Chen Dewen came to Shanghai personally. After all other publishers left the testing lab, Mr. Chen played the game with us for another 4 hours. Even after they returned to Beijing, we can still see Changyou team playing Battlefield OL on our server every day.

We can feel Changyou’s enthusiasm and sincerity for this game. We think this cooperation is promising and we believe Changyou will do a good job in operating Battlefield OL. Thanks!

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