Internet Market for Children Needs Strict Supervision

Nowadays, children have become an important consumer group in the Internet market. Online entertainment community has become children’s new favourite. The 2010 Children Netizens and Their Behavior Research Report showed that 89.582 million, or 51.2% of the 5 to 15 years old Chinese children use the Internet, 67.7% of the them think the Internet as the best media. Many children are skilled navigators of the Internet and they are growing at a high speed.

More and more Internet enterprises become aware of the great opportunities. Sohu provide “children’s account” to users, which is supervised by the “parent’s account”, and parents can set family rules for online computer use. Tencent is trying to make the Roco Kingdom become the largest community platform for children. Taomee has also launched the children’s virtual community “Moore Manor” and “SaiErHao”.

But it is important to know that children are different from adults. Their discernment and self-control are relatively poor. Therefore, relevant authority should carefully supervise the Internet market for children. Parents, teachers and other guardians should always be on hand to prevent children and youth from visiting web sites with harmful or objectionable content. All in all, only under strict supervision could the Internet market for children become prosperous.

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