I Am Alive Coming to PSN and XBLA this Winter

Game publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that its horror action adventure game I Am Alive will be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this upcoming winter. Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, the game takes place in Chicago after a major-scale earthquake has destroyed the city and separated it from mainland, while the rest of the world suffers a water crisis.

The game takes place in Chicago after a 10.3 Mw earthquake destroys the city and the rescue team fails to save the survivors. Millions are dead, and the city is leveled. The protagonist, a middle-class man named Adam Collins, has to evade enemies, keep from becoming dehydrated, find his missing girlfriend and stay alive in a crumbled city of hate. Adam also has to evade certain citizens throughout the game, as they’ll do anything in order to take his belongings, and use them as their own.

The player controls Adam Collins in a third person perspective. The player can use various tactics to stay alive, including using an empty gun to threaten enemies, finding food and water around the city in order to keep Adam alive and healthy and use of actual live weapons, including pistols, machine guns, and grenades if found.

The player can also drive abandoned vehicles. The game has an emphasis on platforming and exploration. The player will scale wrecked buildings and navigate hazardous areas. Gameplay footage shows similar mechanics to the Uncharted series.


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