Hard Reset Available on Steam September 13

Polish game developer Flying Wild Hog today announced that its cyberpunk first-person shooter Hard Reset will be released on September 13 in North America for the Microsoft Windows platform via Steam. In development since April 2009, the game will feature a cyberpunk plot. It draws inspiration from William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Philip K. Dick (especially Blade Runner in story). In gameplay, Doom and Serious Sam are the main inspirations; explosive barrels and large hordes of enemies will be prominent within the game. There will be no multi-player.

Hard Reset is set in a bleak future at humanity’s twilight. Under assault from robotic adversaries, civilization has contracted down to a single city called Bezoar. Players will take the role of military veteran Major Fletcher, who slowly uncovers the truth behind the cataclysmic conflict. The game will make use of the studio’s Road Hog engine, which was built from the ground up for Hard Reset.

The Flying Wild Hog, the Polish developer is made up from members of the team behind Bulletstorm (from People Can Fly), and former developers from CD Projekt Red and City Interactive.


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