Groupon Acquires Pelago, Maker of Whrrl

Groupon has purchased Seattle startup Pelago, maker of the location-based service Whrrl, CEO Andrew Maso wrote in a blog.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. While as part of the acquisition, Groupon will bring on Pelago CEO Jeff Holden to oversee product development and hire several other Pelago staffers.

"We’ve always liked CEO Jeff Holden, the Whrrl team and the technology they’ve developed. Their obsession with real-world serendipitous discovery, or "Anti-Search," is core to Groupon’s mission, Mason said.

The Whrrl service will end on April 30, but "the ideas underpinning Whrrl and many of the inventions contained within may reemerge under the Groupon banner," Holden wrote on the Pelago blog. 


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