Google TV to Tap Into Europe Next Year

Google TV is coming to Europe in 2012, chairman Eric Schmit revealed at a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on last Friday night.

"We seek to support the content industry by providing an open platform for the next generation of TV to evolve, the same way Android is an open platform for the next generation of mobile," Schmidt said. "We expect Google TV to launch in Europe early next year, and of course the U.K. will be among the top priorities."

Google TV, which allows viewers to mix Web and television content on a TV screen via a browser, was launched in the United States in October but received mixed reviews and was swiftly blocked by three of the top U.S. broadcast networks.

So far, Google has had little success breaking into the TV market, despite its ownership of the world’s most popular online video site, YouTube.

Last week, however, Google agreed a deal to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc (MMI.N) for $12.5 billion, handing it the world’s leading set top box business which delivers content for many of the top cable TV companies in the United States.


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