Google Chrome to Have Skype-alike Software

Google is developing a real-time communications abilities into the Chrome browser, the sofeware termed as WebRTC, software for audio and video chat as an open-source project.

WebRTC, the real-time chat software originated from Google’s 2010 acquisition of Global IP Solutions, a company specializing in Internet telephony and videoconferencing. With WebRTC, users could have voice and video calling through Chrome like Skype.

"Our goal is to enable Chrome with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple Javascript APIs [application programming interfaces]," Henrik Andreasson, a Google programmer, wrote on Friday. "We are working hard to provide full RTC support in Chrome all the way from WebKit [the open-source browser engine on which Chrome is based] down to the native audio and video parts."

In addition, Google already provides video and voice chat through its Gmail Web mail service.


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