Google+ Already Blocked in China

Google has just released Google+, a social networking platform designed to enable users to share their status and content with friends. The service is currently available to an exclusively small group of users, while it seems that people in China will not have a chance to use the new feature, at least not as early as others do.

It is reported that China may have already blocked the new social media site. Ping requests sent to and a Daily News source in China signal that the site is not available to Chinese users.

According to TechCrunch, Marketing firm Ren Media first reported the outage earlier today in a blog post.

"This was the quickest blockage I can remember," China internet analyst Sage Brennan told the Daily News. "The speed with which they moved to block Google+ was surprising, but I couldn’t be less surprised to see it blocked."

The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ James Lewis also said he is not surprised that Google+ is blocked in China.

"Google is not very popular with the Chinese [government]," said Lewis, "Chinese authorities are really afraid of social networks. They’re particularly afraid of American social networks. They think the U.S. government uses them to destabilize China.


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