Giant first give its sole agency of MMORPG to other Chinese game company

July 1.2011 news, The Giant company confirmed that The get the sole agency of its subsidiary company JuXian .com Self-developed online game The king of solider .This is the first time that Giant company opening its sole agency to domestic partners. It means the Giant Company is further deepening its open strategy.

The JuXian .com spends 3 years to creating the king of soliderThe king of solider is a 2.5D magical online game, the background of this game is a magic world where players need grow up from an ordinary human to deity .The game using 3D high-performance engine to offer a colorful game world to players.

The JuXian .com is a new rising power which were consist of some domestic veteran R&D team. The core members of this team come from EA, Giant, konami, UBI and other big companies.

The domestic online game market include three main operations mode: the domestic company act as agent of foreign product, domestic company self-developed game product and self-operating, demotic company self-developed game product exported to overseas.

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