Games at Google hiring

Google has been presented in games for quite a long time. Google Chrome got its own game store in May 2010. Additional Google invested $100-200 million into Farmville dev Zynga in July 2010. Just weeks later, it is rumored that the company was trying to bring social games to its own gaming service.

Nowadays a job listing has unveiled, which suggests that Google is to get into the games business. The posting, which is for a games product manager, is labeled as a "rare opportunity to grow a brand-new business–Games at Google!"

According to the posting, the position will be a strategic one, with duties in "designing a great user experience and building out key partnerships." This includes developing relationships with external developers and working "directly" with early adopters of Google games. The listing also shows a "team of gamers" that will help the company craft its gaming strategy.

The extent of Google’s gaming strategy is unknown, for the company has not formally showed how it plans to tackle the entertainment platform. As of press time, Google had not responded to requests for comment about its gaming plans.


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