Weekly Report (7.11-7.17)

GameLook Weekly Review

Tencent’s Legends of League had received 700,000 players online simultaneously last week, which would also enter into the Korean market soon. NBA2K online has opened its beta test. E-sports games in South Korea are controlled by Blizzard’s games, while Tencent is making its best to be the largest e-sports game company in China. E-sports games are the most popular and most profitable games in China, which is totally different from western markets.

It is expected that Thunder will be officially listed this week. Their first FPS game Final Combat is being tested and many people look forward to its success. Finally we see Thunder is throwing itself into game business actively.

Sina is going to launch the Wei Credit system in Q3. Sina had previously claimed to launch a gaming platform, which would be free for only one year and then it would turn into a commercial social network. Developers who wish to join in should speed up; otherwise they will miss the opportunity.

Tencent had launched another open gaming platform based on mobile browser last week. Tencent is becoming China’s largest mobile social gaming platform, which will result in a quite different mobile social gaming market from western countries.

Shanda Games had launched its light social/web game studio “UUGame” in a high-profile. Shanda had also claimed acquiring mobile game companies before. Tencent, Shanda , Perfect World and Changyou had all entered the strategic execution phase. Game giants have already started the war on social games, mobile games and web games.


Chinese Games Invade Korean Market

Riot Games, Tencent’s Subsidiary, Announces to Enter Korea

Tencent Accquires NBA2K OL, 1st Closed Beta is About to Begin

Tencent to Begin Open Test of League of Legends: Starcraft 2 is in the Way

MIRAE ASSET:Tencent’s League of Legends touched 700K PCU

The official website of Shanda 2011 Allstar launched : Dota2 Tera and RIFT was been putting into list for the players to guess

Shanda Appoints Zhuge Hui as GameABC’s President

Sohu: No Merger but Internal Incubation

Form SC 13G Ltd Filed by: HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd

Changyou’s Dragon Oath 2 entered in South Korea

The Rollout of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is a Complete Farce

Blizzard to Incorporate StarCraft 2’s Battle.NET Together

Bao Yueqiao , Former Creator Back to Ourgame

Rumor: Kingsoft Dissolves Lianjin Studio

Powerleader to Promote Its Cloud Gaming Platform

NetDragon’s Dungeon Keeper Online Releases 2 Factions and 6 Classes Today

Kingdom Under Fire II to March into China

Tiancity Launches OBT for Mabinogi Heroes

Thunder’s Final Combat Enters 1st Closed Beta Today

The Thunder to Begin First-Round Technical Test of Final Combat

Social Game

Sina to Issue Virtual Currency in the Third Quarter

Shanda Games Launched Light Web Game Studio “UUGame”

Japan’s SRPG Webgame Metal SAGA Launched on Renren

Tencent Suffers a Net Loss of RMB 10+ Million after Acquiring Comsenz

Web Game :The seventh platform of Gamewave was released

Shanda Games Launched Light Web Game Studio “UUGame”

China Web Games Market Report in the First Half of 2011

Mobile Game

Tencent Launched Mobile Flash Gaming Platform

The9 Enters Mobile Market, 60 Mobile Games Launched

Analysys: Chinese Mobile Internet Research in 2011Q1

Nielsen:Smartphone Penetration in Asia Set to Boom

Giant Released Golden Country on iPhone

Xiaomi aims to become next Apple in China:released Android-based ROM MIUI

Papaya Mobile Discloses the Platform Data

GameLook Today

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