Today:Tencent falling love with KingSoft?

Today, a lot of news is about Tencent and Kingsoft.It is said that Tencent will invest in Kingsoft Network. This is very surprising news. Currently, the domestic game company does not exist the phenomenon that two companies holding each other‘s share and this is the first case in China game industry. Tencent spend $ 200 million in investment in May. Invest in Kingsoft suggest that Tencent is strengthen investment to get more apps and games.

Kingsoft serve as the earliest and most successful software company in China. It trained a large number of people for Chinese Internet industry. The several Chinese game companies founder are come from Kingsoft, including 70YX, Linekong and 51wan. LeiJun become a chairman of Kingsoft is the most important news in today. LeiJun is known for his early investment.

A lot of company executives involve in China Mobile corruption case. Jason Zeng, the billionaire co-founder of China’s internet giant Tencent – and now a major shareholder of (NYSE:TAOM) – has reportedly been arrested and taken away for questioning over the ongoing China Mobile corruption case.

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