Today:More overseas social game companies will enter Tencent’s platform

July 26,2011

Today’s most important news is Zynga’s cooperation with Tencent. We noticed that Tencent had said Zynga was the first foreign game company entering Tencent’s platform; Zynga would not be the only foreign game company but it would always be the most important one. We can see that in the future more overseas social game companies will enter Tencent’s platform.

Tencent’s VP announced today that their open platform had nearly 80,000 registered developers since it launched a month ago. Currently 40,000 applications are entering the platform and 3 game applications have 10 million users respectively. Tencent’s social platform has 100 million active users and some games have already got revenue of 10 million Yuan.

Though the user base is quite large now, GameLook believes the income is far from reaching the peak. DeNA’s social games had revenue of just $5.6 million 2009Q3, while in 2011Q1 it was $393 million (as shown below). Thus Tencent’s platform will also enjoy a rapid growth stage. Who will be the winner depends on the game’s time of launching and the developer’s relationship with Tencent.

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