Today:Japan VS China

I believe Japan’s mobile social game business will be the main opponent of China’s game companies, both in the international market and the mainland market. DeNA has bought a Chinese mobile community – tx. Com. Cn, and has launched mobage China Version; GREE has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent in online games and mobile games (mainly on Android); CyberAgent is investing in CMNET(China Mobile Net) and has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen; MIXI is relatively backward.

DeNA has already acquired Ngmoco and GREE has acquired Openfeint. Both DeNA and GREE have a large number of mobile social games and are gradually stepping into China. Foreign game companies like Kabam, Zynga, Rockyou and Playdom also have branch offices in China, and they will release social games soon.

We can see that the competition in China will be very fierce. China’s social game companies are not seriously affected by now, but once foreign social game business come into China, the market will be more prosperous.

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