Today:Everybody is opening in China

There is fierce competition of Chinese open platform . The large-scale platform including Tencent,Renren. com and Sina . The game companies is also opening platform ,such as Shanda ,NetEase .

The itown of NetEase is been used to compete for casual community market leadership.The NetEase always concentrating heavily on developing MMOgames within a decade. The development of casual game market is still primary in China .There is no successdful causal game company like POPCAP in China .

LeiJun,The chairman of who is former CEO of Kingsoft.He act as an investor in China now.Except ,LeiJun invest in Millet .com to developing mobile operating system and invest in UCweb which is the biggest mobile browser in China.The UC is working on publishing mobile social network and this new network is focus on mobile game app .Each of these investment is more than 10 million dollars.

Alibaba Cloud Computing is a project we must pay our high attentions to it .It’s said that this mobile operating system using framework of Android.It suggest that more an more Chinese company are focus on mobile market now.

Dream’s LittleNinja is a popular webgame in China.A lot of Chinese webgame has been released on FaceBook in recent days.

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