Today:Chinajoy coming soon

July 19, 2011

Sina launched it’s micro gaming platform yesterday and has aroused many attentions. I have noticed that many VPs of social gaming companies started to follow the weibo account of the platform. Sina has promised the platform will be free for one year, and then the ratio will be 7 to 3. Shanda Games has already confirmed that it will enter the open social gaming platform.

China’s net client games revenue has reached 8.76 billion RMB in Q2, 2011, according to Analysys International. Seasonal factors are not so obvious. Many new games will be launched after the Chinajoy 2011 (7.28-7.31). The summer vocation is very important to gaming companies.

NetDragon has predicted their 2011 mobile revenue will reach 10m RMB, inspiring though they could have done better. NetDragon’s smart phone business started long time ago while the mobile market in China still focus on feature phones. We believe the time for smart phones will come in late 2012.

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