Today:changing from Copy to Innovation

It is unexpected that The Gaint give the dealership of its game to other company for the first time in recent . Last year,The Gaint has already used associated operation mode with Tencent in its game Green Journey.This action suggest that the competition in Chinese market is increasing. Public company lack confidence in their mid-range products.

The Thunder has a huge group of users in China ,but Profit pattern is onefold .The company pin great hopes on their games. In fact ,Thunder have got a MMORPG game from The Gaint, but it has not announced. Because of Thunder’s game Final Combat copyed Valve’s Team Fortress 2. It got the wide attention of global game media .The Team Fortress 2 announced it will use free to play mode in this week and it become the most popular game in Valve’s Steam .

The Tencent will hold a conference of Open platform in July 21. With the releasing of QQtown and acting as an agent of iOS game The Three Kingdom TD ,the action of Tencent make Chinese developers feel nervous .Tencent is changing from copy to innovation now.

The Changyou has deep pockets ,the investment of the conmpany is successive in recent.After spend $100 million on purchase Webgame Company 7road ,the Changyou announced that the company will invest $10 million to Thunder.In fact,Changyou has already acquired a Flash developer community .Changyou is very interested in webgame too.

The NetDragon is sensible ,the company invest in English game medias ,Arabic game medias and mobile game actively.Unfortunately,the revenue of the NetDragon is not high .The company released Turkish Version of Conquer Online last week and The Transformers Online will published in this summer.

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