Today:Busy Week Coming,Chinajoy 2011

July 21 , 2011

Recently, we have seen that a lot of new games have begun announcing info, including Blade & Soul, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball online, and etc. No doubt, these new MMOs will attract lots of attention. In addition to the games just mentioned, today the movie Transformers III will also go live in China. Accompanied by this hot movie, NetDragon will also release its new game Transformers Online. As summer comes, the heat of games will spread over China again.

We also have seen that research institutes like CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), iResearch, Analysys International, also started focusing on game industry now and have just released some related market data. It seems like everybody burns money in this industry. No matter in China or some western countries, plenty of money has been put into the industry of mobile internet. Every day, there are business proposals sent to GameLook. However I haven’t found many proposals or companies attractive or valuable. Venture capitals are also scrambling for good projects. At least three projects have slipped through my fingers. What’s more, the top social game companies in China have all surpassed a valuation of 100 million US dollars. Maybe it is a big success, maybe it is a sign of bubbles.

It is very difficult to make the agenda for next week since there are too many activities, parties and forums… Besides CGBC (China Game Business Conference) and CGDC (China Game Developers Conference), I think there are 3 other activities that may be worth attending.

1. Cruise Ship Party organized by at 18:00 July 28: many browser-based MMO companies and venture capital firms will attend. Of course, I will go too.

2. “100 Gamers Gathering” hosted by there will also be many company executives present.

3. Party held by IGDA (International Game Developers Association): it is kind like a gathering for outsourcing crew.

Although I did not find any party themed on social games. It will be a busy and precious week.

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