Today: Tencent,Sina,Shanda,KUF2

July 15, 2011

Tencent has launched another open gaming platform (this time based on mobile browser), which shows its ambitions of becoming the number one in China’s Internet market. Tencent now has many open platforms, including QQ,, Q+, Qzone, QQ micro-blog and QQ mobile browser. Weixin, Discuz and some others are coming soon. Tencent is faced with some problems brought by various platforms and different technical standards, and Tencent is working on it.

Sina is going to launch the Wei Credit system, indicating that Sina Weibo is speeding up monetization. While the APPs and games on Sina Weibo cannot make enough money, we look forward to Sina’s gaming platform.

Shanda Games has launched its light web game studio “UUGame”. More and more public companies have begun to focus on the new gaming segments, such as social games, web games and casual games. Cross-platform games are becoming the trend. While the key to success is good ideas in the gaming industry, capital sometimes does not work.

Excellent South Korea games always value the Chinese market, and Kingdom Under Fire II (KUF II) is one of them. It has been confirmed that KUF II will enter into China this year. NEXON’s Mabinogi Heroes has already been released yesterday, while Riot Games and Evony have celebrated success in the global market. Good games are always global.

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