China MMO Game Monthly Report [July 2011]


China's Online Games Publishing Industry to Reach 57.8 Billion Yuan in 2015

iResearch: 2011Q2 China's customer online game market size arrived 9.48 billion Yuan

CNNIC: China's online gamers stood at 311 million in June, 2011

Analysys: China's net client games revenue reached 8.7 billion RMB in 2011Q2


ChinaJoy2011: Viewpoints of First Day Summit Forum

ChinaJoy2011: Viewpoints of First Day Summit Forum 2

South Korean Games Companies Made US$9.75 million Deal in ChinaJoy2011

ChinaJoy2011:Director of General Administration of Press and Publication Shoushan Sun's speech abstract in Chinajoy

ChinaJoy2011:Ming Zong, Vice Minister of Shanghai Publicity Department

MMO Game Company News Last Month


Tencent acquires Blade and Sword OL 2 from Pixel Soft, to be tested in August

Investing war of Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu

Tencent: TGA e-Sports League to become internationalized

Tencent's League of Legends Enters Open Beta Today

Tencent Confirms Blade & Soul's Attendence at ChinaJoy 2011 Today

Riot Games, Tencent's Subsidiary, Announces to Enter Korea

Tencent Accquires NBA2K OL, 1st Closed Beta is About to Begin

Tencent to Begin Open Test of League of Legends: Starcraft 2 is in the Way

MIRAE ASSET:Tencent's League of Legends touched 700K PCU

Tencent Acquires 15.68 % of Kingsoft in Strategic Investment


NetEase Boasts 400 Million Email Users, Marching into the Lottery and Game Business

Ding: The openness of many companies is just a stunt

The Rollout of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is a Complete Farce

Blizzard to Incorporate StarCraft 2's Battle.NET Together

NetEase launched iTownSDK game development competition: total prize money reached 1 million Yuan

NetEase announced the price of StarCraft II monthly card will cut 50% in July

Shanda Games

Shanda Games Tang Qun Zhao: five hundred million USD for small and medium-sized teams

Chen Tianqiao: Grand Cloud was a decade in the making

Neoact to announce China's operator for Dota type Chaos Online on Chinajoy

Final Fantasy XIV Chinese version scene pictures unveiled

Shanda Announced Cloud Computing Platform Called Grand Cloud's Open Beta

The official website of Shanda 2011 Allstar launched : Dota2 Tera and RIFT was been putting into list for the players to guess

Shanda Appoints Zhuge Hui as GameABC's President

Shanda will hold 2011ALLSTAR during Chinajoy: nine new online games debut


Changyou Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results

Changyou announced 2 billion Yuan revenue in 2010, with an average profit of 590,000 Yuan

ChangYou Offers Duke of Mount Deer's Open Beta Today

Sohu: No Merger but Internal Incubation

Form SC 13G Ltd Filed by: HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd

Changyou's Dragon Oath 2 entered in South Korea

Changyou announced Duke of Mount Deer will opening open beta test on July 22.

Perfect World

Perfect World Sold Its Film Business for 360M Yuan to Focus on Games

Perfect World's Dragon Excalibur entered South Korea with a new name Master OL

Perfect World opens new overseas strategic layout

Perfect World & SEGA will offer Saint Seiya Online in China mainland and Taiwan

Perfect World may Formally Announce Saint Seiya in Jul, 25th

Perfect World Announces Recent Business Developments


Yuzhu Shi: Russian game industry

Yuzhu Shi: 400,000 players = 10 years

Analysts: ZT Online 2 will not affect ZT Online

The Giant announced the PCU of Journey is reached 1.26 million

Giant first give its sole agency of MMORPG to other Chinese game company


Tencent Acquires 15.68 % of Kingsoft in Strategic Investment

KingSoft to launch The Legend of Swordman's TV play tonight

Rumor: Kingsoft Dissolves Lianjin Studio

Kingsoft Appoints Leijun as Chairman


NetDragon & EA announced Dungeon Keeper OL to be opened in Q4

NetDragon's Dungeon Keeper Online Releases 2 Factions and 6 Classes Today

NetDragon Revamps Its Dungeon Keeper Title Today

NetDragon Launching Turkish Version of Conquer Online

The Transformers Online is expected to begins its first closed beta test in early August


The9 To Be Operator of PlanetSide 2 in China

The9 get the right agent of 2D casual game Adventures in Wonderland


Thunder's Final Combat Enters 1st Closed Beta Today

The Thunder to Begin First-Round Technical Test of Final Combat

The Thunder will spend $20 million to purchase operating license of games

The Thunder will be sale 10 million dollars stock to SOHU

Other Companies News

Valve confirms to release DOTA 2 this year

Softstar's Scar of the Sky OL to fail again in China

Rumor: Kylin Games Raises Tens of Millions of Dollars

Ubisoft: Football City Stars Enters Closed Beta Today

4399 Announces First 2D MMORG Romance of the Ming Dynasty

Bao Yueqiao , Former Creator Back to Ourgame

Powerleader to Promote Its Cloud Gaming Platform

Kingdom Under Fire II to March into China

Tiancity Launches OBT for Mabinogi Heroes

Related News

Eight departments carry out online game real ID system to prevent “Net Addiction”

Chinese Games Invade Korean Market

Singapore encourages game developers to tap Chinese market

China Starts Digital Copyright Protection Project

Illegal The World of Legend server operator arrested in China

Briefing the List with Great Titles in China Joy 2011

Internet Market for Children Needs Strict Supervision

Tabletop Game Legend of Immortal to Enter Market on July 9th


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